20 GitHub Repos to Help You to Win Hacktoberfest

20 GitHub Repos to Help You to Win Hacktoberfest

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Hello Friends, We hope you're doing good and fueling up your aspirations and goals.

Hacktoberfest is a few months away, and we would like to present 20 cool resources which would maximize your probability of winning the Hacktoberfest.

Let's dive in and discover the list of GitHub repos 👇

1.Free Programming Books

In this repository, you can contribute by sharing free e-books books 📚 Discover free programming books from different languages, contribute your favourite ones if missing, making it more valuable.

2.📒 App Ideas Collection

A collection of ideas to make a beginner life lot easier, make it more valuable by adding more ideas into it.

3.Best Websites a Programmer Should Visit

There are so many amazing websites, you haven't discovered yet, find them here and if you have something, please submit your contributions.

4.Web Development Resources

Finding useful resources is a hectic task, submit your contributions into this repository to make it one stop for all the web development resources.

5.GitHub Readme Stats

There are several metrics you will find on GitHub and to show them somewhere, this guy came up with this embed idea.

6.Awesome macOS open source applications

Every Mac users must be familiar with the cost we have to pay to access applications.

Discover the open-source applications for Mac.

7.Hacktoberfest Data Structure and Algorithms

This repository has compilation of Data structure and algorithms, contribute your codes to make it more useful.

8.All Algorithms

A compilation of all algorithm written in Python language, contribute if there is something missing.

9.Awesome Resources

An awesome collection of resources about several tech stacks. Submit your contributions to make it more valuable.

10.Swag for Dev

OMG, Swags 😋

Do you know any organization or events that offers free goodies, contribute their details


This repository is dedicated to Hacktoberfest challenge.

12.99 ML Learning Projects

A collection of ML projects, contribute more by adding your Ideas into this.


This is a web version game of Tic-tac-toe, apply your knowledge base to make it better.

14.Gradient collection

A collection of mesh gradient, add more gradients to make it more valuable.

15.Book Project

This repository also has collections of books, contribute your must-read suggestions.

16.Kotlin Libraries Playground

Kotlin is becoming high demanding language similar to JS, find out the libraries and contribute your ones.

17.Cheat Sheets

A repository which has an amazing collection of cheat sheets, contribute, if you know any that can add more value into this.


This repository is a challenge followed by an individual, you can contribute into by sharing your experiences or solutions.

19.Awesome Design Systems

An awesome collection of design system, submit your contributions, make it better.

20.Mind Expanding Books

A repository which has a list of books to help people expand their mind. Contribute the books you have read.

We hope, you will find these resources useful to polish the development skill and increase the chances of winning the Hacktoberfest challenge.

Are you participating in the Hacktoberfest challenge?

Best wishes for the challenge.

You can also discover more amazing project ideas here

Thank you, see you in the next blog.

This blog has been written and edited by Anshu Shandilya

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