100+ React Project Ideas for Beginner 2022

100+ React Project Ideas for Beginner 2022

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Learned about React.js library and looking to land opportunities as a React JS developer?

Do you know what kind of projects will help you get the opportunity, and what kind of projects will help you convince the interviewers?

You don't need to know all those, because I am here to help you with that.

Here is a collection of 100+ React.js Web project ideas, start building web applications using React.js and land your dream opportunities without facing many struggles with finding perfect ideas to work on.

  1. Create a marketing website and landing page for a technology product. See reference.
  2. Create a website with speakers and a schedule for a React Conference
  3. A website that helps people generate CSS code for Glassmorphism design
  4. Create an online store where you can buy video games and fan gear
  5. Build a project that will fetch all the nocode related Twitter threads
  6. Create an admin dashboard to configure website settings that require user login
  7. Create an analytics dashboard that shows the historical performance of tech stocks
  8. A website that shows a list of beginner-friendly open source projects based on selected programming language
  9. Create a group of opinion surveys that rate favourite technologies and entertainment
  10. Develop a website that will show a list of cryptocurrency as per everyday growth
  11. Create a map dashboard that shows statistics and geographic information about COVID-19
  12. Create a fan wiki that includes all characters of Futurama or your favourite TV show or movie
  13. A website that will help people discover amazing web page inspirations
  14. Create a Pokedex that shows a list of all Pokemon with links to stats of each Pokemon
  15. Build a website that will show a collection of advertisements
  16. Create a gallery of video tutorials that pulls from a React YouTube playlist
  17. Create a mapping app that shows the route of a road trip across the country based on user input
  18. A website to showcase the list of best resources to study about Blockchain
  19. Create an interactive piano that you can use to play music with your keyboard
  20. Create a blog website to show all of your technical blogs using Next.js
  21. Create a portfolio website with your work experience that can be used as a resume or CV
  22. A website that will help people find social profiles of VCs
  23. Create a blog that you can use to share your career experiences and projects
  24. Create a list of projects that include case studies and details about the projects
  25. Create a goal management dashboard to add, track and modify your goals

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Now you know the project ideas, what are you thinking of doing next?

Hope you make the most out of these project ideas, all the best.

See you in the next blog.

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