100+ JavaScript Project Ideas for Beginners

100+ JavaScript Project Ideas for Beginners


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As a developer, I have seen developer friends struggling with finding project ideas that will help you impress the employers and ultimately land high-paying opportunities.

It's really hard work to identify what kind of projects companies appreciate while interviewing.

To solve all these hassles, I am here to share something that will reduce all your struggle of searching for project ideas and help you create an impressive developer work portfolio.

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Discover the collection of 100+ JavaScript Project Ideas

  1. A website that will show books to read, based on user interest
  2. Come up with a random quote generator
  3. Create a calculator that supports basic arithmetic calculations on integers.
  4. Create a website that counts down the months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds to an event?
  5. Develop a website that will convert dollars to cents based on user input
  6. Develop a website that will Generate a Random Gradient Hex Color Combination
  7. Create a weather app that shows the current weather using the weather API
  8. Create a website that shows video tutorials by fetching from a JavaScript YouTube playlist
  9. Build a website to help people save their daily sticky notes
  10. Develop a website that creates blog thumbnails based on user input.
  11. Create a Twitter clone that lets user accounts post public messages
  12. Create a Winamp clone that uses the Shazam API to play music
  13. Create a StackOverflow clone, allowing questions and answers with code snippets
  14. Create a Product Hunt clone that lets people post a new project with ratings
  15. Develop a website that helps people search for ideas based on their interests
  16. Create a matching card website, in which if two cards match they will disappear
  17. Create a website that shows an image slider
  18. Develop a website that changes its background color whenever the user click on the button
  19. A website through which users will be able to play rock paper scissors game
  20. Create a β€˜Guess the number game’ project
  21. Build a project that helps user convert weight based on their input

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Which ideas do you find interesting? πŸ‘€

Hope you will make the most out of it and become a rockstar JavaScript developer.

Thank you for reading, see you in the next blog.

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